Absurdity and Meaning

Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity …and I’m not sure of the former.
– Albert Einstein

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I initially titled it Meaning and Absurdity and then I changed it to Absurdity and meaning, or at least that’s the order of events I’d like to witness in life. A few days back I was talking to a pretty lady about our purpose in life, about how all of us need to start working towards finding the hidden truth somehow. She reminded me that only a few people have the time and need to do so while the others are fighting hard just to survive. Alright, I have to agree to that, not just because I find her attractive and what she said made sense, but because it is a fact! A cold hard fact in the reality that we perceive and reside in. Fine. I give away my pride of finding meaning and agree to enter this reality.

What do I find here? I find that this reality is a string of never ending numbers without any order, kinda like the digits of pi. Irrational and transcendental. I admit I do kinda take a liking to pi. Not because it is absurd but because it keeps going on forever giving us some kind of a purpose, a meaning. Oops! I rebounded. Sorry about that. I forget I’m in this reality now. I need to get back to being “normal” and start “living” again.

Alright, I must get up every morning, get ready, go to the office, take projects, complete them, return home, rest, eat, sleep AND repeat. For what ? Money. Fine. Money for what? Survival. Fine again. Survive for what? To do all these things that I did and to get married, have kids, school them, make them do what I did so that they could make their kids do the same things and so on, just to keep the cycle going.

Then there is religion. People die in the name of God, while proving whose idea of God is better and what answers more questions. Wait. No. That isn’t it. Nobody cares about that. Religion is just an excuse to get what men really want. Possessions, material possessions. Money. Women. Alcohol. Riches of “life” and so on. Then there is noise, a lot of it. People blabbering, trains, cars, horns, digging, mining, shouting, crying, whining, typing, farting, fucking! While some are bombed, others are stabbed, shot, cut, deprived, tortured, gassed and not to forget “converted.” People at one part of the world are chilling in beach houses high on drugs and partying while others are on the streets having no means to survive. While some are trying so hard to make a difference, some others are spreading plain stupidity. While some are travelers, others are tourists. While some are hunters, others are gatherers. While some are pandas, others are separate shades of the panda. While blah blah, others blah bleh. Lorem ipsum amet dolre blah! What the hell is going on?!

There is just so much chaos, so much random bullshit happening already. This is absurdity. This is stupidity. Enough with this absurdity. All of us need to move towards meaning no matter what level of the pyramid we are at. Shit needs to be sorted out and quickly.

Let’s move from Absurdity —-> Meaning!


Published by: varunguru90

I'm a 28 year old blogger from India. I like thinking and writing about philosophy, spirituality, human condition and relationships with nature. I dwell on Instagram as well - varun.guru Watch some music videos - YouTube/VarunGuruMusic1

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