How to get rich and other questions you keep asking

“This is the kind of topic I wouldn’t ever write about, but I am writing about it which means the first statement is wrong.”

People ask questions. They seem basic.

How to find true happiness? How do I get rich quickly? How do I become a millionaire? How do I purchase my first house, car, <enter stuff from your wishlist>. The list goes on.

I asked the very same questions for almost five years and counting. I haven’t found the answers to all of it but definitely found for some of them.

I can answer this question very well – How do I get rich ? And I’m talking about the kind of rich that keeps you at a position where you don’t have to think too much about spending that extra dough on your favorite things.

When you set out to get a new mattress you often find yourself contemplating if you should get that new mattress designed to keep your back safe and healthy or a normal one which costs a whole $15 less. You think so hard for that.

You either walk away with regret or …with regret. That normal mattress will definitely ruin your back. Or that good quality mattress will burn a hole in your pocket.

Either way, you are screwed if you just have money to worry about. So, the solution?

Despite what you want to become in life, you gotta get rich. You gotta have the money to really stop caring about mundane stuff.

Once you get that fixed, you are free to think about your dreams and passions.

Let’s get to it. What do you do to get rich ? 

Instead of asking these questions, answer them ! Really ! It is that simple !

Think about it for a moment. What do you really do when you have these questions in your mind?

You seek answers, find people, get help, get help professionally, pay someone to get your problems fixed and/or work your ass off by shutting yourself off from the world. In all of these, you either lose more money or your mind. The latter is of course worse.

Instead, try answering these questions. There are always people out there who need your help, the ones who ask these questions, the ones seeking a fix to their problems.

Try thinking of providing a solution to their problems. Basically, you just give !

“Plant a seed today. It will give you fruits tomorrow.”

Try a simple exercise to validate this.

Just monitor your thoughts. As soon as you get a question in your head. The simplest one, for instance, what should I cook for dinner today?

Quite simply assume that someone out there needs an answer to this. Write a recipe down for them or Google a recipe and place it onto a word file. Post it on your Facebook page or put it up on your blog if you have one or make a YouTube video about it and let the world know or quite simple share it on Whatsapp with friends.

When you offer something to someone, of course it is up to them to take it or not. But someone out there will take it and learn something from it. Once they do, they will share that knowledge with someone else.

In time, you would not only have helped people achieve something, you would have given them a solution and your solution would definitely be “valued.”

Once this value creation happens, it automatically leads you to an opportunity. A chance to give more and grow with it.

Soon, you might end up making YouTube videos about cooking recipes and earning money from it or you might become a self-help Guru.

In all of this, you never will get to know the result nor control the outcome. You will only know quite simply, the work you are doing.

So, start today ! Provide solutions. Help someone out !

Always be open to Answer !



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