About the author

“Hi! Welcome to my page! I am Varun Guru, 25, Male, from New Delhi, India. I am a Music composer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Energy researcher, athlete, artist, writer, voice artist for radio and television advertisement and traveller.”

Do you see the description above? Elaborate right? However, I am not convinced. Despite all of the definitions given above, I haven’t found the definition for who I am yet. Really! Many of us have these questions, fundamental, if you will. Once we reach this stage in a quest for definition, all of us begin exploring the spiritual side of things. We explore various methods for shaping our personalities and finding true happiness. Ironically, we begin to do things spontaneously in an attempt to find order in life and we make ourselves busy to be truly free. Why this behavior ? Why, despite several attempts, we are not able to find any meaning nor find true happiness ? Thoughts emerge and dissolve, frustration increases and fades away, dissonance occurs and disappears. In an attempt to capture every thought, know the meaning behind every spontaneous action, curb frustration, obtain mental harmony; I write. Hoping, in my attempt, that I bridge the gap between what it means to me and what it means to you.

Each of us have around 60,000 thoughts a day, 95% of which are the same as yesterday’s. Almost all of these stem from our interaction with the world. Only a very few originate truly from the inside. Each such thought that is not influenced by any external transfers, I call it “The Adiabatic Thought”


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